It was in you the whole time.

Executive Coaching for Exceptional Leaders

Executive Coach

Trained through Royal Roads University’s Executive Coaching program, Alana possess a unique gift for moving executive leaders forward, beyond their own barriers, and into new realms of personal efficacy. 


Keynote Speaker

Alana’s powerful and moving story sets the background for an incredible and inspirational experience.   



At the heart of Alana’s work is her background as a credentialed educator. Alana is continually moving people forward through education and trained guidance. 

Alana Peters values courage, transparency, and knowledge. Her job as coach and facilitator is to lead her clients to success not by knowing the right answers, but by asking the right questions.

Alana helped me bring my thought process into sharper focus and to recognize the abilities I carry so as to meet any leadership challenge head on.

Morag Macpherson

Ditidaht First Nation

I was able to gain a greater insight into my personal strengths and was inspired to dig deep and dream big.

Laura Unruh

Community Development Coordinator
Mustard Seed

I am always impressed with the depth and breadth Alana brings to the table. She is committed, going above and beyond to support clients to reach their full potential.

Danielle Klooster

Danikloo Consulting

Alana has the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively coach both individuals and businesses. Alana easily establishes trust, and she respects confidentiality.

Monika Braun